Art Sessions with Glenfrome Primary School

Over the summer and autumn Annali from LitterARTI and Meg from Cato Press did creative art workshops with two classes (Year 4 and Year 5) at Glenfrome Primary School. We decided to connect the school with Eastville Park, and illustrate the different bird species in Eastville Park.

I was fortunate to get a list of the birds from an avid bird watcher and have learnt that we have more than 60 bird species which are either migratory or breeding residents and visitors in Eastville Park!

Finding reference material was easy with the park being such a rich bird and insect habitat attracting many amateur wildlife photographers; see Richard Scantlebury and Allan Chard on Flickr and loads more on the Friends of Eastville Park Facebook Group.

We did some fun and interactive sessions with the children who each drew a bird, which they then transferred to lino in another session. Then we did lino carving sessions, which were followed by the printing sessions.

These prints will be used to create the artworks for the banners on the lampposts and also for final printed pieces for the school and Eastville Park. Well done Glenfrome!

The workshops were very well received with positive feedback:

"The project was well thought out and the kids really enjoyed it. They had a real purpose and clear aims. It’s always great getting them to think about their surroundings more and especially the environment."

"It was very nice to do. All the parts were very good and I have learnt that even if you think you can’t do art you can still do it."

"I liked that all the children were doing it and all children could do it even those with special needs."

"I loved the bird activity because it helped me to calm down and I never knew birds had so many things to do!I learnt so much about birds."

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