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May 31

Our Green Spaces


We have the wonderful Eastville Park on our doorstep and also a Nature Reserve, Royate Hill. I went out into the woods early this morning to listen to the symphony of wonderful birdsong, the May Chorus. How lucky are we to have this haven on our doorsteps. What species are you aware of in the park? What animals have you spotted? Do you have photographs which we could use for reference for the artworks?

The dancing lady in the Cemetery


New Posts
  • Hi Annali and all, I just found out about this group but couldn't make it to your session at the New Place yesterday evening. I'm a trustee at local nursery Bristol Children's Playhouse. We will be celebrating our 40th birthday next Saturday 22nd June and would like to invite the local community - especially those with young children or those who brought their young children to the Playhouse drop-in and nursery over the past 40 years. We have started a collection of Playhouse memories and would love to share with you what we have done so far. We also hope to find people who would like to contribute more fond memories of this place. Please join the celebration! Perhaps this can feed into your Eastville memories? And tell us more about your community art project - perhaps we could get involved in some way?
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