A Community Art Project for Eastville

The BS5Eastville Community Art Project is a Bristol City Council funded Project delivered by LitterARTI, a non-profit organisation bringing communities together around social and environmental issues using the arts.  This is the first CIL funded project for Eastville (new builds pay tax to the council and a part of this tax is then given to the communities, replacing the old neighbourhood funds) and came about after the local councillor Mhairi Threlfall put forward the proposal of tackling waste on Fishponds Road and beautifying the area in the form of a mural.  The proposal was successful to be assigned £11,000 CIL funding and LitterARTI was invited to bid for the project. 

We will be working with the community of Eastville, Bristol over the summer of 2019 to realise this project. 

The purpose of this website is to showcase the work we are doing in the blog updates, to announce upcoming workshops and sessions, and also to connect the community of Eastville through the forum

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